The Sky Movies Pvt. Ltd. is a premium movie production and distribution company based in Kathmandu, Nepal and established in 1999 by prominent Nepali film director and actor, Akash Adhikari. Mr. Adhikari holds a degree in film direction, drama and acting from MI, University of Bombay and has trained and apprenticed in acting and direction with renowned film artists and movie makers in India.

In keeping with its vision, the firm works to produce and offer both Nepali and International films that mirror and document the breadth of Nepali society in all its diversity. The tapestry of Nepali culture, society and socio- historical reality form the backdrop and, often, the subjects of films produced by The Sky Movies and directed by Akash Adhikari.

The company currently provides critical film production and distribution services complemented by a range of both technical and location-base capabilities for Nepali and international films, documentaries, tele-films and celluloid cinema. With full Government of Nepal accreditation, it is uniquely placed as the foremost cinema production house in Nepal.

Moreover, Akash Adhikari, the founder and CEO, has written and directed a host of Nepali feature films and TV serials and has acted in several ground-breaking and popular Nepali films. The Sky Movies film repertoire includes critically- acclaimed and award- winning Nepali films such as the recent “Kathmandu”.

Akash Adhikari is also President of Film Producer Association of Nepal, member of Film Artist Association of Nepal, Film Directors Guild of Nepal and member in Insurance Sector of the Film Development Board, Govt. of Nepal.